Telecom Industry

Base station, Microwave station, WLAN system, Communication station

Intelligent Transportation

Road monitor, Electronic Police and alarm system, parking management system, information collection system

Power Industry

Power transmission system, Power distribution system, Transformer substation device

Security Industry

CCTVs, Monitoring system, Alarm system, Intercom system


Lightning arresterSignal lightning arresterSky Feed Lightning ArresterNew energy lightning arresterLightning box


Multifunctional lightning prote

Multifunctional lightning protection device M10-120/D12BM/D12Y2 Description 3 in 1 monitor lighting arrester, designed for analog video camera to protect camera power, video, console control line from lightning electromagnetic pulse, induced...


2 in 1 monitoring system SPD(Po

FEATURES: Multi. Protection circuits, Gas-Tube+ TVS technology Dual protection in Common module and different module 2 in 1 protection TVS array technology, low capacitance Multi-Strike Capability APPLICATIONS: Designed to protect monitor e...


New product single phase power

FEATURE : Din rail mounting for easy installation Plug connectors for quick and easy connection or rewiring 20kA maximum surge current Thermal disconnect device Status indicators visually verify protection level Standardized module design...


High-energy AC module

Class B100kA.220/380VAC...